The First Art Gallery, founded in Turin in 1981 and later expanded with the opening of a second exhibition space in 1984, joins forces with Tutto in Cornice, creating a blend of Italian and European artistic traditions. In 1989, driven by the search for new inspirations, we move our operations to Syracuse, a charming city in the Mediterranean, steeped in history, culture, and myth.
Syracuse represents a crossroads of presences, cultures, and stories that constantly intertwine, adding a layer of richness and inspiration to our work. This unique context influences our creativity, bringing a narrative and symbolic dimension to the works we present and restore.
For us, living art goes beyond the moment of a cocktail; it means embracing a dimension of life projected towards harmony and balance, identifying with a deeper sense of aesthetics rather than mere aestheticism. As artisans of art, we dedicate ourselves to the care and artisanal attention to every detail.
The fusion of the First Art Gallery and Tutto in Cornice is not just about combining spaces but also about merging passions and expertise. We preserve and restore artworks with love for their authenticity over time, keeping alive the connection between past and present.
The artisanal executions we apply are not just technical processes but genuine expressions of love for art. Every brushstroke, every element of the setup for "a more personal home" is crafted with artisanal precision.
We create a complete experience that goes beyond mere exhibition, transforming spaces into places that reflect the aesthetic identity of those who inhabit them. In this way, the First Art Gallery and Tutto in Cornice come together to offer not just artworks but a dimension of life enriched by beauty, tradition, and creativity.
Our mission is to transform the environments we live in into truly "yours" places, where your aesthetic identity finds expression and meaning.
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Our Team

Emanuele Gangarossa
Marisa Nigita
Co-Founder / General Manager
Giovanni Gangarossa
Production Manager
Tatiana Gangarossa
Foreign Countries Manager
Monica Iacono
Sales Manager 
Daniele Pelligra
Designer & 3D Artist
First Art Gallery Siracusa ® Via Augusta n.16 Siracusa | - 96100 Italy p.iva-00965510894
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